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November 29, 2009, 3:23 pm
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1. Connecting: Do I know you? How are we connected?


2. Follow, add, friend: I need to know you, otherwise it’s a big DENY


3. Privacy, boundaries and safety: I’d prefer all pictures or comments to go through me before being posted, always.


4. Signal to noise: Just don’t be annoying with how often you update your status, I don’t really care about what is growing on the bologna in the fridge.


5. Personal data and sharing: I’m looking to keep things on a professional and non-personal sharing basis.

6. My networking needs and uses: I only use Facebook and its use is solely for communication with people I know on a personal basis. My goal is to continuous this without complications.


November 16, 2009, 2:33 pm
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I reviewed two different pod casts. The first pod cast was called “ What is a hangover, really?”. It sarcastically explained what a hangover was and how you get one. Although they joked about drinking they made sure that you knew that it was only a joke and drinking is a serious act. I learned that visalgia is the medical term for a hang over. It is Norwegian and Greek based. It is also mentioned in the Bible. Pituitary glands block vasopressin while you are under the influence, causing your kidneys to send a message to your bladder to increase expulsion of water. Average is expelling four times more liquid than intake while drinking. Ending in dehydration causing a hang over. “Drink till you pee” They actually talked about GSU. I thought that was really cool, I was surprised. The bars in Statesboro had this contest, and they monitored the bars bathrooms and whoever peed last won! Hangovers are subjective, everyone has completely different side effects.  Another interesting thing I learned is that glutamine is blocked as well. Glutamine is a natural stimulant and is overproduced when you sleep after drinking. Causing your body to be jittery and tired the day after.
The second pod cast was called “10 Terribly Bungled Crimes”.  Ten crimes that have gone wrong. A guy went through the drive thru and his total was about seven dollars and he told the teller that he wasn’t going to pay more than a dollar seventy-five. The fast food tellers put his food back up and the guy pulls into a parking place. He runs up to the drive thru with a weapon and the tellers continue to tell him he isn’t getting the food so he grabs a handful of ketchup packages and runs off in the night. Another crime was that a man from Michigan goes into a convenience store completely drunk. No weapon and tells him to give him all the money. The clerks so no, and the man said if you don’t give me all your money I’m going to call the cops. So he calls the cops and they arrest him.

Stuff You Should Know : “What is a hang over really?”

Stuff You Should Know: “10 Terribly Bungled Crimes”

Random Blogs
November 8, 2009, 9:05 pm
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For this blog I was supposed to read through some random blogs that were of interest to me. One blog I found to be pretty comical. It was someone commenting on random open liners that she read in books. Some of them were pretty good like, “It was Tuesday, I was drunk and there was a dead pigeon lodged in my ass, again.” She pretty much just discussed the difficulty of coming up with a good random open line for a book. I myself have had the same unfortunate problems as well when it comes to thinking of the perfect line to start off with. Even something witty and completely out of place would work too. The other blog I chose to look at was from the same site, I really enjoyed this blogging site. It was more of a venting blog. Angry Americans against basically everything. It goes on about the Neo Nazi followers killing black Americans and how they will rot in jail and should probably have other things done to them. Then random anger factors they feel such as, the final season of Boston Legal, money- happy corporate leaders, and the actual state of the country. I liked this blog because it was very random in facts and just was honest in general. I respect people who say what they think, even if I don’t agree with it. Sometimes it takes someone with guts to say things that should be said that others are too afraid to say themselves.

Success Series ( Sex Seminar )
October 26, 2009, 10:15 pm
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I wasn’t sure what the Sex Seminar’s Success Series would be about. I assumed they would express to the students how important safe sex and taking care of your body is. We sat down and the speakers began acting out silly skits about guys only thinking about sex and only wanting women for their body. The guy speaking joked about what guys look for in girls and asked the audience what they thought guys looked for in girls. I was just joking around and everyone was speaking loudly so for the people sitting next to you to hear you speak even louder. I said very loud and clear, “Guys like big boobs”, completely embarrassing myself because I was the only one in the entire auditorium speaking. The speaker kind of gave me a weird look and said any other ideas. Something I will never forget, neither will the people sitting around me. It was my favorite seminar I went to. I really enjoyed all the funny skits. It was a little uncomfortable to discuss the topic of rape though. Topics like those are uncomfortable for teens and young college students. Probably why it is so important to talk about them. The speakers gave several skits about what the differences are between rape and consensual sex. The audience, including myself, was pretty surprised to find out that a lot of what I would have considered consensual turned out to be rape. That shows that you may not know when you are really being taken advantage of. I learned important things in this seminar and also had an amazingly hilarious time.

October 19, 2009, 10:11 pm
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When I first started twitter I was a little worried whether or not I would like it. My first tweet just said that I was a student in Ms. Nixon’s class. After that I wasn’t really sure what I should post.  We were told to follow 10 or more celebrities. I thought it was kind of awkward that you were following people and being followed. This site is like a huge stalker page, just allowing you to keep up with so many people all at once. I followed people from Dane Cook to Taylor Swift. Dane Cook had a lot of tweets. They were really funny too. Miley Cyrus’s tweets were more about what she was up to that day. Several of the people I followed posted links to other websites. I started to understand its purpose after a few days. It is almost like a huge browser of sharing information and cool stuff people find online. I am not very good at technology and from taking this class I have gained a lot of knowledge and become a little more mainstream.

Ropes Course
October 4, 2009, 10:00 pm
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When we went out to the ropes course at Southern Adventures I was pretty excited. I think I expected it to be a little different though. We started out by trying to get to know the other students in the class. I can honestly say that I didn’t know anyone in the classes names. I enjoyed the part where we got into small groups and gave two truths and a lie about ourselves. It helped me get to know some of the other students on more of a one on one basis.  I expected the ropes course part of the day to be more intense. I’m not really sure what I expected maybe something you might do in boot camp, more physical and not mental based. We went into the woods and stood on a log and had to choose an animal. Based on the animals size depended on where on the log you should be. We were supposed to somehow make it around the other people without falling off. Also we couldn’t talk. We had to express our animal through our body language and the noise the specific animal made; for example a lion rawrs. After a long time of working together and learning from our mistakes we finally figured out a way to get everyone in the correct position without messing up.
The last activity we did was a rope based blind fold course. We were blindfolded and lead to a spot on a rope. We had to follow the rope till the end. The catch was that we could ask two questions; “Can I get help?” and “Am I good?” The point is that its okay to ask for help even though you feel as if you can do it by yourself. Everyone needs help and that’s what working together is all about. I really enjoyed our trip to Southern Adventures, and I believe it should be continued in the future FYE classes. This experience will help me to be more social with my future classes.


I’m tired, and need to write a paper.
August 31, 2009, 10:29 pm
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That really sucks.